The Revival of Mid-Century Modern Design

03/11/2022     General

If you’ve watched a television show or movie in the last year, chances are you’ve spotted some Mid-century modern set designs. With the resurgence of the Mid-century modern style in pop culture touchpoints like Mad Men, Loki and even The Incredibles, many collectors, decorators and new homebuyers are gravitating towards furniture pieces inspired by – or sourced directly from – the 1950s and 60s.


Mid-century modern style furniture pops up all over the place. These pieces are perennially popular and timeless due to their simplicity, form and functionality. Mid-century modern pieces are easy to integrate with furniture from other eras, which allows buyers to build a space they truly resonate with. Exposed or finished wood, leather, metal, and earth tones are all sought-after design traits abundant in the Mid-century modern era of design.


Hayloft offers plenty of Mid-century design inspiration, including an Aalvar Aalto bentwood chair that sold for $95.00 and a Mies Van der Rohe-esque leather bench that sold for $1,000.00 this past February.


Featured in our March 13th auction is a Mid-century modern style leather lounge chair (Lot 409). Reminiscent of furniture produced by Mid-century design icons Charles and Ray Eames, this lounge emphasizes luxury, relaxation, craft and elegance. Also offered in March is a flos arco floor lamp, complete with marble base (Lot 357). These items are sure to be sought after by new and experienced collectors!


Mid-century modern never goes out of style. Find mid-century and more interesting and unique pieces by perusing the March auction catalog – bidding closes Sunday, March 13th beginning at 7pm!