Bronze Sculptures

03/15/2023     General








Lot 126 -Bronze sculpture of a Male with a sword

This lot is available in Haylofts March sale, opening the 15th at 12pm and closing March 19th.








Bronze sculpture has a long history, and works in bronze have been admired and loved by collectors for centuries. The most celebrated pieces, including original works by Auguste Rodin and Edgar Degas, can be found in museums and fine private collections. These important works are valued for their groundbreaking design, superb craftsmanship, and rich history. Owing to their high value and, often, their sheer size, original bronzes are beyond the reach of many collectors. However, small, well-crafted reproductions of famous works can be had much more affordably.

Fine bronze reproductions are made using the same exacting techniques of casting and polishing that were used to create the originals. As a result, the best examples are remarkably accurate, scaled-down models of those pieces. Because of this close relationship, these reproductions evoke the same aesthetic feelings as the original works.

We offer you an opportunity to own a piece of art history with a reproduction of a classic bronze sculpture. Hayloft Auctions is pleased to offer Lots 125 and 126 in our upcoming sale. Either would be a perfect piece to complete an office or living space. Browse the catalog and place your bids before the sale closes on Sunday, March 19th.