Selling at DOYLE

FAQs for Sellers

Before an item is offered at auction, the consignor and Doyle may agree on a reserve price: a confidential minimum selling price. Unless a specific reserve is arranged, a discretionary reserve is fixed at fifty percent of the low estimate. If the consignor designates a reserve on a lot, and it remains unsold, there will be a buy-in fee charged on the reserve price.

When you consign property to Doyle, you will receive two copies of our Consignment Agreement, the legal document delineating the terms of sale. Keep one and initual, sign and return the second copy. Once we receive the property, we will send you a Contract Schedule listing the property, the planned sale dates, the estimates and the reserves, the agreed-upon seller's commission and other related fees.

Doyle specializes in "fair market value" appraisals, which are for estate planning and division and estate tax purposes. Insurance companies use "replacement value" appraisals, which Doyle does not provide.

Doyle accepts property for auction throughout the year. We advise sellers to consign their property at least two months before a sale to allow for research, cataloguing, photography and publicity. Our Specialists will work closely with you to respond to your situation.

You need an appointment to drop off property at any of our locations. Please contact our [Scheduling Department] at 212-427-4141, ext 260 to arrange a time to drop off your property or use our trucking service to pick up your property from your location.

To waive the insurance fee, you must provide Doyle, at the time of consignment, a "Waiver of Subrogation" form available from our Scheduling Department. Any damage to the property is then the sole responsibility of the consignor.

In the unlikely event that your property fails to meet the minimum bid at auction, some charges may still be incurred. These include insurance, photography and the Internet fee. If the consignor has designated a reserve price, a buy-in fee will also be charged. You will be contacted by our Consignment Department regarding the next step, which could include making arrangements to pick up the property or reconsigning it to a future auction with a reduced estimate.

Doyle’s auction estimates are complimentary. Please note that Doyle only provides estimates for items potentially suitable for sale.

Doyle takes into account many factors when evaluating your property’s market demand. We establish market value through research into the item’s artist or maker, country of origin, history, materials, dimensions, rarity, subject matter, condition and more.

Doyle's Estate and Appraisal Services Department has worked with banks and law firms, trust and estate professionals, heirs, executors and private clients across the nation providing our comprehensive appraisal and auction services. Our thorough, well-researched fair market value appraisals have earned Doyle a solid reputation for professionalism, integrity and service throughout the United States. Please contact our [Trust & Estates] department to request an estate appraisal.