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Discover the extraordinary world of rare books, autographs, and maps and unveil the hidden treasures within your collection.

Our semiannual auctions of Rare Books, Autographs & Maps offer a prestigious platform for your prized possessions, offering an array of materials spanning from early illuminated manuscripts to modern literary first editions and finely bound sets. Our auctions encompass a wide range of categories, including American early printing, illustrated books of all periods (including atlases and color plate books), fine printing and private press books, important bindings (both bound sets and individual remarkable examples of the bookbinder's art), literature of all periods – English, American, and European; science and technology, travels and voyages, children's and illustrated books, and a diverse range of interesting books in all fields. Furthermore, original illustration art for books and magazines, as well as early maps from around the world, are featured in our sales. Autographs include letters and documents penned by esteemed figures in literature, sciences, and history. Presidential letters and materials associated with the Founding Fathers add a layer of historical significance to our autograph offerings.

By entrusting your collection to Doyle, you join esteemed collectors and patrons who have relied on us to showcase and elevate their literary masterpieces. Our team of experts possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in the nuances of rare books, autographs, and maps, guaranteeing that your works receive the utmost care and attention.


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Peter Costanzo

Senior Vice President / Executive Director, Books, Autographs & Photographs / Estate & Appraisal Services

212-427-4141, ext 248

Edward Ripley-Duggan

Vice President / Director, Rare Books, Autographs & Photographs

212-427-4141, ext 234