Hayloft Auctions®
set up shop in
The Bronx in 2016 

Our main warehouse in Port Morris


Sustainable, fun and all about discovery

The goal at Hayloft is to provide a fun, easy and affordable entry point to the auction world for first-time buyers. We want to introduce collecting to a broader audience, because buying previously owned vintage items isn’t only cool, it’s a chance to add to a piece’s story. Our online auctions are filled with almost every category: furniture, décor, art, jewelry and accessories. And we’re there every step of the way (if you need us).

We also provide sustainable furniture and decorating, one of our core capabilities here at Hayloft. We want to encourage our buyers to go green by recycling and renewing old household goods.

Hayloft’s buyers are dealers, decorators and DIY-ers. A lot of them look forward to our next sale as a sort of grand reveal. And now that we have monthly Buy-It-Now drops, we have even more vintage finds to offer!



Our chance to give back

We are a full-service furniture source committed to helping the local community. Our business model gives us the opportunity to give back to our neighbors by partnering with local organizations and nonprofits in the Bronx.

Here are some of the people/places that we have been thrilled to work with